Addicted to Microgreens
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Additional microgreen resources

Here's some external links relating to microgreens that you might want to check out. We'll be adding to this collection, so do check back soon for more resources!

Urban Hydro Greens

The OG Urban Farmers of Vegas. Offering home and commercial microgreen consulting services, and a good selection of seed and coco coir for growers. Support Vegas! Ships to anywhere in the US. 

Bootstrap Farmer


When you feel like going pro with your microgreens, you MUST check out Bootstrap Farmer's growing trays. Super sturdy and durable. I never thought I would love a piece of plastic, until I discovered these trays. 

Fresh52 Farmers' and Artisan Market


Farmers's market in Las Vegas operating Sundays and every other Saturday. Come by and support your local artists and farmers!

Fantastic resource with very detailed, clear instructions for growing many different varieties of microgreens. If I am challenged by a new variety, this is the first place I'll turn to, to see how others are growing it. 

The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

Okay, seriously, the Urban Farmer, Curtis Stone, and his namesake YouTube channel have had a pretty massive impact on Addicted to Microgeens, more than I can say. His videos have helped me tremendously in my business. No joke, I'd still be cutting microgreens with scissors now if it weren't for him. ;-) Innovation, technique, tools, business practices, bookkeeping, urban farming politics, and so much more. 

Amazing YouTube channel for anyone aspiring to be a successful urban farmer. Do check him out.