Ready, set, grow!

We are currently working to put together a microgreen grow kit that will clearly walk you through the steps that we follow at our farm, that get us the best results. We want you all to be able to be successful urban farmers, too! So far, we have an illustrated guide up to show you the process of preparing your growing media, sowing your seeds, and getting them ready for germination. We'll get the complete process up shortly!

kit coco 3.jpg


We love growing in 100% pure coco coir and we think you will too. A renewable resource and a compost-friendly growing medium. The same stuff we use on our farm.

kit tray 2.jpg

TWO 10" x 10" TRAYS

Your kit will come with two 10" x 10" growing flats. One for planting, and one for covering your crop during germination.

kit seeding.jpg


Your kit will come with several pre-measured seed packs. These are the same seed and weights we use at our farm. Always untreated and non-GMO.