How should I use my microgreens?

This is probably the second most frequent question we're asked, after answering the number one question, "What is a microgreen?"

Until we get a solid recipe collection together, here's a few ideas to get you going. If you want to share how you use microgreens with the community, use the tag #addictedtomicrogreens, we love seeing what other folks create with their micros!  


Hummus Toast

Crispbread loaded with veggies and micros. A quick, healthy, colorful, and delicious snack or appetizer. 


Barley and Microgreen Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Healthy, hearty, and loaded with micros!


Microgreen Nachos

Purple sango radish, crimson tide mustard, and red cabbage microgreens on a pile of veggie-loaded nachos with a vegan cheese sauce. 

microgreen smoothies

Microgreen smoothies

This is where our Smoothie Blend microgreens really shine. Mild tasting broccoli, kale, and red cabbage micros blend up easily into any smoothie recipe, without affecting the taste or texture of your drink. 

microgreens on toasted sourdough with cottage cheese and heirloom tomatoes

On toast! On everything!

Toasted sourdough with cottage cheese, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli and red cabbage microgreens, and a balsamic reduction.


Microgreen Sushi

Cucumber, carrot, avocado, and microgreens rolled into quinoa sushi rolls. What it lacks in seafood and authenticity, it makes up for in vibrant color and originality.

garden grill tacos with microgreens

Microgreen tacos

Striking color, fresh flavor and loads of nutrition all in one little pinch of greens. These beer battered avocado tacos from Garden Grill were already perfection. Microgreens are literally the only thing that could make them better.  


French fries.

Turning greasy, salty, fatty, fried foods into healthy cuisine. Behold the power of broccoli microgreens!