A visit from the tax collectors!

The tax collectors paid me a visit today. Not for my business, instead for the previous business owners. A shakedown “asset seizure” for…wait for it…$74. Yup. They assumed the previous owners left computers and equipment behind so they were just gonna, you know, seize (steal) such computers and equipment from me? (What computers and equipment?!) That’s about what I got from what their agent, Julio told me. I told him to get lost and he left and went back to his car. This video picks up about a minute later, after I thought I should document some of this in video. I went out to the parking lot to film. I was super rattled, I’m usually a lot nicer. And coherent. I’m probably over-reacting, but I really hope I’m not the only one upset by this shakedown! If even a penny of that $74 goes towards this agent’s salary, I hope they never get paid.

Update 9/19: I received a call from an another man from the same agency, I was informed that they will take my business out of their collection attempts from the previous business owners. Resolved, or at least on my end. What a bunch of bullies. If you don’t give them your lunch money, they’ll come and take your stuff.

Thanks for watching, friends! -AK

♡ Taxation is theft! ♡

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