The history of Addicted to Microgreens

First blog post, seems like an appropriate place to start, right?

Shortly after relocating to Vegas, in mid 2013, I knew I needed to find work. I was a bartender by profession, but after having some life changing events happen around me, my lifesyle did a 180° and I decided I needed to find a job where I wasn't "selling my soul" to make a living. I was a hardcore raw-vegan ex-bartender looking for a rewarding job in Sin City. Through a long series of events, the perfect job fell right in my lap. 

I was introduced to Dennis and Chelsea of Urban Hydro Greens and not long after, I was working for them blending up vegan microgreen smoothies at the farmers' markets, a rewarding job that I would hold for years. The best part of the job was getting to take home lots of leftover microgreens at the end of each market shift. My "health insurance" benefit, I called it. Everything else was mostly inconsequential as long as I got my microgreen fix at the end of each day. I was hooked.

Years go by, and my enthusiasm for microgreens continued to develop. I got my first recipe, for microgreen spring rolls, published in the Nevada Grown cookbook and that propelled my microgreen habit to the next level. Playing with recipes, taking pictures, occasionally growing my own, but always obsessing over microgreens. My addiction.

One day I got a wild hare and thought to start a microgreen recipe blog. I thought the name Addicted to Microgreens was clever, and highly accurate, so I bought the domain and started playing around. A week or so later, through another long series of events, I was given the opportunity to take over the same microgreen farm I was working for. Sold. It was a no-brainer since, after all, I was addicted to microgreens. Plus I had the perfect business name already picked out, plus the domain..

That was back in November of 2016 and the website has remained untouched up until this week in late February 2018. Those 15 months were a wild ride, but I think everything is starting to fall into place again. So that means it's time to pick up where I left off and work to bring this site to the visually stunning, all-things-microgreen resource that I once envisioned it to be. 

Before I sign off, I need to give a quick thank you to EVERYONE OF YOU. I have been surrounded by the most amazing people through the course of my microgreen career. Family, friends, and my fellow microgreen addicts have all made this possible for me. I am beyond blessed for all of your support. Thank you so much.